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Four Ways Development in Dallas Benefits the City

In major cities across the country, new and redevelopment projects are taking neighborhoods by storm, adding new high-rises, commercial buildings and more. Dallas is no exception to this development craze, because when the economy is good, it’s easy for people to build.

Some residents of Dallas may get frustrated because it seems like more construction is occurring every day, sometimes causing lots of noise or interrupting otherwise beautiful views. What may seem like a nuisance, though, is actually great for the city.

When it comes to new development or redevelopment, a building is much more than just a building. Development, particularly when assisted by an experienced land use consultant in Dallas, TX, can offer the area many benefits to people individually and the community as a whole.

Attracting new people

One of the ways development can benefit the city is by bringing more people in. New developments tend to attract visitors, particularly when the buildings are new and flashy, meant for the public or will hold a highly visited retailer or entity.

Additionally, the construction or redevelopment of residential properties can help provide new homes to many residents, which can attract more people. When the population of a city grows, its economy and the liveliness of the town usually grows, too.

Creates new jobs

Another big benefit of development is its ability to create new jobs for the citizens of Dallas. The development process itself lends itself to many job positions, from land use consultants in Dallas, TX, to developers, to tradesmen and general contractors. Many skilled laborers find good employment when there are high rates of development in their cities.

Additionally, when new office and retail buildings are created, tenants will eventually fill those spaces, meaning they will open up new restaurants, shops and businesses in the city that will need a workforce. Big developments sometimes attract the headquarters of major companies, as well, which might create a large number of jobs in one go.

Boosts the economy

Naturally, when a lot of new people move to a city and new businesses set up shop, the economy is bound to get a boost. More people will be around to purchase things from the local stores and restaurants, new jobs will be there to pay people and visitors may come from other areas to shop or work, as well.

Pushes the city forward

Finally, development, both new and renovated, is critical for pushing Dallas forward into the future. Some legacy buildings are historic and crucial to preserve to maintain history, but redevelopment can help keep these buildings safe and usable.

New development allows new people and new companies to enter the area and give worn-down and underutilized parts of the city a facelift, rejuvenating the old with splashes of brand-new. Without development, Dallas’s vibrant culture could stagnate and be left behind.

Masterplan can help you plan a Dallas development

Whether you are an individual developer, business or government agency, Masterplan is your go-to land use consultant in Dallas, TX when you need help with everything from zoning to subdivisions to building permits and more. Our track record of success in helping client receive government approvals on their land use projects reflects our dedication to customer service and our years of experience. Call today to learn more!

What You Should Know About The Cedars Theater Parking Project

The economy in Dallas is thriving, following a steadily growing influx of residents and large-scale development in many sectors, including commercial, retail, residential and others. New residential complexes are being built across the city, but old and historic buildings are being renovated and repurposed at the same time.

This rejuvenation of the city has emerged in a district of South Dallas called The Cedars. Among some of the most notable historic buildings in this area is the Ervay Theater, a 525-seat movie theater built in the 1950s. The building was reopened in the 2000s but has only been used sparingly since.

As a top land use consultant in Dallas, TX, Masterplan helps clients with the zoning and permitting of their development efforts. A developer by the name of Eric Anderson sought the help of our firm to get different parking restrictions for the area around the Ervay Theater as part of a new redevelopment project. Here’s what you should know about it.

Planning redevelopment

Anderson plans to redevelop the Ervay Theater and an adjacent building in addition to renovating the spaces around the two buildings to accommodate new retail and restaurant tenants. These plans are anticipated to bring more life to The Cedars.

Unfortunately, the redevelopment project would need to include 191 parking spaces to meet city parking ordinances. This is when Anderson turned to Masterplan for help persuading the Dallas City Plan Commission to reduce the number of required parking spaces on the project by half.

Two of the reasons why the developer wanted to dramatically reduce the parking requirement for these few historically significant buildings are because the redevelopment project did not have space for the parking the ordinances would require, and because the ordinances for the area are no longer in tune with the travel methods used by the current population.

Making change

One of Masterplan’s senior land use consultants in Dallas, TX, Santos Martinez, gave a presentation to the city commission in order to change the ordinance for this project.
In order to accomplish this, Martinez proposed the city treat the existing legacy buildings by a different standard. In the past, no parking existed on the block, and visitors had to walk to take public transit to get to the street.

He explained that today, many residents are partaking in that same style of walkable neighborhoods, using walking, biking, public transportation and Uber to get to where they needed to go.
The city commissioners took it to a vote during the presentation and decided to reduce the amount of parking required for these building redevelopments to occur.

Masterplan gets results

Whether you are an individual developer, business or government agency, Masterplan is your go-to land use consultant in Dallas, TX when you need help with everything from zoning, to subdivisions, to building permits and more. Our track record of success in helping clients receive government approvals on their land use projects reflects our dedication to customer service and our years of experience. Call today to learn more!

TREC on DPR Construction Tour


Looking South into Downtown Dallas from The Union

Wes Hoblit, along with nine other members of The Real Estate Council’s Young Guns toured DPR Construction and Red Development’s newest building, The Union. Located in the Harwood District just north of Downtown Dallas, the project will host a mix of uses. There will be two towers, one housing office space and the other residential. Some office space will be purposed to serve more modern open office spaces for tech industries and start ups. Retail will be located on street level with high-end eateries such as a steakhouse and Italian restaurant. Tom Thumb will also be located along Field Street and Cedar Springs.

TREC Young Guns
22nd Floor of The Union

The project hopes to add another piece to Dallas’ growth, placing a grocery store within proximity to Downtown and Victory Park.

Masterplan aided with an abandonment along Akard as well as the permitting and zoning for the project in it’s initial stages. Masterplan is also working with Tom Thumb on all of their permits and helping with the city process.

Proposed 24 Hour Parking Limit for Arlington

Arlington’s City Council is proposing a new ordinance that will ban vehicles from being parked for more than 24 hours. This includes Arlington residents, not just outside visitors coming for a concert, sports event, or friends and family visiting from out of town.

The move is predominantly due to residents stating they do not have easy access to their homes due to visitors to the entertainment district located within Arlington. The entertainment district, is a sprawling land area in the heart of the city. It encompasses Globe Life Park, AT&T Stadium, Six Flags Over Texas, Hurricane Harbor in addition to local restaurants, bars and golf courses.

Copyright: City of Vancouver Canada

All vehicles would be targeted, although there are already laws on the books for larger motor homes and commercial motor vehicles. Currently, these vehicles are given citations as would be the case for the new ordinance. If the vehicle is not moved within the 24-hour time frame, the vehicle will be towed at the owner’s expense.

The City Council wants to clear clutter away from homes within the district, but may have not taken into effect the ramifications of such a law with such a short time constraint. The elderly population may be unable to move their car within the time frame or be hospitalized, only to find their only mode of transportation in the impound lot.

Arlington Police are committed to “make reasonable attempts to locate the owner of an illegally parked vehicle” before they commence a tow, but the reality of how effective and efficient this would be remains to be seen.

Projects in the News: Jefferson Woodlands

New year, new developments! Masterplan has been assisting Irving-based JPI with approvals for a major apartment project in Garland near the Telecom Corridor.

The property will have 364 units ranging from 600 – 1,600 square feet. Situated near Spring Creek Forest Preserve, the apartments will overlook a small lake. The opportunity for outdoor activities is expected to be a highly appealing feature for prospective renters, with the community highlighting “‘the convenience of a beautiful home that is equally close to work as it is to nature.'”

Located near Firewheel Town Center and the CityLine development, the new apartments have won strong support from the city. As Garland City Council member Scott LeMay said, “‘Jefferson Woodlands will embody the best that Garland has to offer: sustainability, nature and commerce with a hometown feel.'”

Construction is underway, and the project is set to open in Spring 2019.

SOURCE: Dallas Morning News.

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